• COHEN Bipolar Forceps

    May 2015 | Anaheim, CA

    Kirwan Surgical Products LLC has partnered with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol to create a revolutionary breakthrough in bipolar forceps. Designed to provide maximum comfort, this product focuses on how the instrument feels in your hand. The comfort grip technology was carefully developed with shape and size in mind to create a cushioned padding that offers support and comfort during surgery.

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  • New Solar Power Project Completed

    October 2012 | Marshfield, MA

    The 2nd phase of Kirwan Surgical’s solar project is complete adding 949 solar (photovoltaic) panels to the existing 790 panels for a total of 1,739 solar panels. This project also added 226kW to the existing 135kW generating more than 90% of our power needs.

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  • Solar Power System Goes Online

    September 2009 | Marshfield, MA

    Kirwan Surgical Products announces the completion of a rooftop solar power project that is expected to generate close to half the power required by Kirwan manufacturing facilities. The 790-panel rooftop array of photovoltaic panels will generate 135 kW of power using state-of-the-art solar technology.

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  • New Liberty AURA Non-Stick Forceps Unveiled

    November 2008 | Anaheim, CA

    Kirwan Surgical Products announces the expansion of the Liberty line of disposable forceps to include forceps incorporating AURA non-stick technology.

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  • Kirwan Surgical Adds New Clean Room

    September 2008 | Marshfield, MA

    Kirwan Surgical Products has recently added a new U.S. Class 10,000 (European Class 7) Clean Room to accommodate increased volumes of disposable instruments.

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  • Kirwan Surgical Announces New Disposable Battery Cauteries

    October 2007 | Marshfield, MA

    Kirwan Surgical Products announces the addition of a new line of disposable battery cautery devices. These new disposable cautery devices will be offered with either fine or loop tips in low, high or variable high temperatures. The tip cover incorporates a special safety notch designed to prevent the inadvertent activation of the device.

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