COHEN Bipolar Forceps

May 2015 | Anaheim, CA

“Feel the Revolution”

Kirwan Surgical Products LLC has partnered with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol to create a revolutionary breakthrough in bipolar forceps. Designed to provide maximum comfort, this product focuses on how the instrument feels in your hand. The comfort grip technology was carefully developed with shape and size in mind to create a cushioned padding that offers support and comfort during surgery. The tension of the forceps allows for greater control and ease throughout the procedure, while the unique bayonet style and axial design provides enhanced visualization around the tip of the forceps, especially in deep operative corridors.

In addition to the unique ergonomic shape, the forceps is coupled with our patented AURA EliteTM Non-stick technology. Kirwan uses the physics of high conductivity to achieve AURA Elite’s non-stick effect during coagulation. These forceps have a greater non-stick capability because the entire forceps employs a unique metal alloy that offers a greater heat sinking capacity. As a result, the forceps have the ability to conduct energy and heat away from the tips faster. Since the energy and heat is rapidly removed, tissue is not coagulated onto the tips resulting in the non-stick effect. This union of comfort grip and non-stick technologies results in an elite new generation of bipolar forceps that is superior to comparable forceps on the market. This lightweight, disposable forceps comes packaged sterile with a cord and is available in 9 different variations including 3 working lengths, each with 3 different tip sizes.

We are very proud to have collaborated with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol in developing this revolutionary product. All royalties will be donated to the Medical Student Summer Research Fund at the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF)

Support Neurosurgical Research and Education by using COHENTM Bipolar Forceps!