Liberty™ Disposable Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan Surgical Products’ Liberty™ disposable forceps are manufactured using the same procedures as our high quality reusable forceps. Superior in look, feel and finish and available in many styles, these forceps come packaged either with or without a detachable cord.

The Liberty™ line allows users freedom from autoclaving and reprocessing, freedom from repair, freedom from repeated handling, and freedom from high prices.


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Disposable COHEN™ Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan Surgical Products has proudly partnered with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol to create a revolutionary breakthrough in disposable bipolar forceps. Designed to provide maximum comfort and visibility, the COHEN™ Bipolar Forceps focuses on how the instrument feels in the surgeon’s hand, providing maximum comfort, precision and enhanced visibility. Complete with special cushioned padding, exceptional tension, enhanced ergonomic shape and Kirwan’s patented AURA non-stick technology, these forceps are the next generation of exceptional non-stick bipolar forceps.

Available in three lengths, each with three different tip sizes, the COHEN™ Bipolar Forceps come irrigating or non-irrigating and are packaged sterile with or without a detachable cord.

Royalties associated with this product line will be donated to the Medical Student Summer Research Fund at the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF).

Disposable 3-Hole Style Bipolar Forceps

The 3-Hole Series of disposable non-stick forceps come in three lengths each with three different tip sizes. Unique tip geometry with reduced tip exposure and strong dissecting force make this line of forceps ideal for discrete coagulation and dissection in narrow spaces.

Disposable Liberty AURA™ Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan Surgical Products’ Liberty AURA™ non-stick disposable bipolar forceps offer advanced non-stick technology in a disposable forceps. This product line is the perfect marriage of the popular Liberty™ disposable bipolar forceps with the widely acclaimed AURA™ non-stick reusable bipolar forceps. These forceps come insulated with or without a 12 foot detachable cord and are offered straight or bayonet with a variety of patterns and styles.

Disposable Stainless Steel Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan Surgical’s line of disposable stainless steel bipolar forceps come in a variety of patterns including both straight or bayonet, insulated or uninsulated, with various lengths and different tip sizes in each. These single use forceps are packaged sterile and available with or without a detachable 12 foot cord.

Disposable Irrigating Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan’s disposable bayonet stainless steel irrigating bipolar forceps come in a variety of patterns. They are insulated and available in four different lengths and five tip sizes. These forceps come sterile packed, five to a pack.

Disposable Monopolar Forceps

Kirwan Surgical Products’ line of disposable monopolar forceps is offered in a nine inch length with two different tip sizes. Each tip size is available straight and angled up. These forceps come sterile packed with a 10 foot monopolar cord and resectoscope pin attached.

Disposable Overmolded Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan’s disposable overmolded bipolar forceps are available in a variety of styles, lengths and tip sizes. These insulated forceps are straight or bayonet and include straight, curved or coaptation style tips. These forceps come sterile packed, ten to a box.