Disposable Suction Coagulators

Kirwan Surgical Products offers both disposable bipolar and disposable monopolar suction coagulators for use in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, ENT and small incision endoneuro, endonasal and spine cases. These suction coagulators are all malleable and are available in a variety of French sizes.


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Bipolar Suction Coagulators

Bipolar Suction Coagulators have a patented layered tube design that allows the surgeon to create a precise circumferential coagulation area at the tip. These coagulators are insulated, malleable and come in 5 ½ inch, 7 ½ inch and 11 inch lengths as well as angled up or down. Available in 8 French, 11 French, 13 French and 15 French tube diameters, the bipolar suction coagulators have a standard shaver connection and will plug into any standard bipolar cord.

Monopolar Suction Coagulators

Monopolar Suction Coagulators are 10 French and available in two different lengths: 5 ½ inch and 8 inch. These coagulators are insulated, malleable and come with a 10 foot cord with a resectoscope pin connector.