AURA™ Bipolar Forceps

Kirwan Surgical Products’ AURA™ line of non-stick forceps represents the culmination of 35 years of research and development, and represents state-of-the-art, highly conductive, non-stick forceps technology. Kirwan uses the physics of high conductivity to achieve AURA’s non-stick effect during coagulation. The AURA™ non-stick forceps utilize a patented metal alloy that creates an extremely conductive path for electrons allowing the forceps the ability to conduct energy and heat away from the tips faster. Since the energy and heat is rapidly dissipated, tissue is not coagulated onto the tips.

Kirwan offers AURA™ non-stick bipolar forceps in a variety of styles and options including: disposable, reusable, bayonet, straight, insulated, uninsulated, irrigating, non-irrigating, with or without stops, and with various tip sizes, tip angles and tip exposures. AURA™ non-stick technology can also be employed with stainless steel, titanium or aluminum forceps. Most features can be interchanged to customize the forceps to suit the surgeon’s needs.

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